Below is a list of everything we currently host.

One of the granddaddies of them all. Our Q2 server has Eraser bots to give you a challenge.

Ts shoot CTs. CTs shoot Ts. Stuff blows up. You know how it goes.

Think you're handy with a shock rifle? Prove it.

You and a some other guys versus a horde that makes Genghis Khan's legions look like ants. Give 'em hell.

Much the same as CS1.6, but shinier and with new paintjobs for your guns and stuff.

Open-source multiplayer FPS based on the Q3 Arena engine. Not for the faint of heart.

Valve's premier hat collection sim has a server here. Occasionally you shoot things too.

One of the more popular GMod gamemodes. Kill innocents, or save your own skin.

Modern warfare is still as fast and furious as ever. Uses CoD4x.

Yes, it has proximity mines. Yes, you can still slap people. Yes, it's fun!

Base JK2 FFA with all Force powers enabled. Go carve people up.

Surely we all know what this is by now? Even I do, and I'm old.

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